I identified early on that Melanie Benson Strick was destined to be a leader in her industry, but like many women in a male dominated genre, she masculinized her energy and her brand in an attempt to be competitive.


The image to the left is the one she was using when I began working with her.  I STRONGLY encouraged her to reflect the obviously feminine power and energy  in her image and her brand.  We reshot her images and redesigned her site to reflect her new image and brand. 


Then we took a look at Melanie's copy and made sure that it reflected her voice and her energy rather than a bunch of marketing rules from courses run by...men.  The result was an online business that finally reflected the feminine energy and power Melanie radiates so effortlessly.


It's all the little details combined that make the difference between an business that bumps along and one that truly EXPLODES with its potential.  For more than 20 years I have been working with business owners helping them identify their unique formula in putting together all of the details in a way that increases their bottom line by 1000%.


Yes, I said 1000% - that means a 10 fold increase in profits.  You'll see how easily this happens when you begin leveraging all the dynamics of your business in a way that truly connects to your market!