Casey Truffo - Be A Wealthy Therapist


Casey Truffo was doing some really great things with her business before we began working together.Her online visual brand was a bit stale and visually overwhelming so we set to work building a site that was easy to navigate and would take the viewers eye to exactly what they wanted to know.


For marketing, we began by looking at the copy and headlines she had been using in her Google Pay-Per-Click adds.  After a few months of testing and tweaking we were able to increase the number of people coming to her site by a factor of 10 - that's a 1000% increase in people coming to her site!


At the same time we worked on the landing page copy on her actual site and discovered a key concept that appealed to virtually everyone in her target demographic.  This created a very high conversion rate into her free email campaign.


From there, we worked on an email strategy that would build rapport and credibility with her new list subscribers and ultimately were able to double her gross and QUADRUPLE Casey's net income!  


It's not unusual when you address each of these steps to get this kind of increase when your business generates most of its leads online.  All that's needed is someone with marketing expertise and an outside perspective to tweak each step and the results are quite literally exponential.   


Casey Describes How We Got Her Sales to $20,000/mo:


     Be A Wealthy Therapist
 Be A Wealthy Therapist