I have to say, Andrea J Lee probably has one of the highest natural Attraction Factors of anyone I've ever worked with.  We're close friends and she has referred many clients to work with me, but one of the most rewarding projects I've done was working with her to pull together all the different brands and business ventures she had to create a sense of continuity in her business.


Like with Andrea Lee, I see this with many highly creative entrepreneurs, they have so many irons in the fire that over time things become fragmented and disconnected.  This makes it difficult for the market to  get a clear sense of how you can create a benefit for them.


If you're an entrepreneur with a million ideas and a dozen irons in the fire you'd benefit from having someone with expertise take a look at everything you've got going on and helping you to focus on the things that are going to create the most immediate profit and which ideas will have the greatest long-term return on investment.