Callan Rush first came to my attention when I was running the world's largest personal development coaching program.  Although she didn't have the experience that many of the other coaches did, there was something about her that was very obviously passionate and gifted when it came to making a deep, powerful and authentic connection with people's purpose. My gift is in seeing the full potential of gifted individuals and I encouraged her with a specific and very large vision that she has since pursued and manifested. 


"Graham White is amazing! He's a dear friend, and definitely mentored me when I first got going with my Career. He believed in me early, and gave me my first job as a Professional Coach. At the time I met him, he was running the world's largest Coaching Program. What I love most about Graham is that he has a VERY unique and powerful mind, which makes his 'Million Dollar Value' assessment of someone's gifts so cool, interesting, and effective. He also has a true blue dedication to being of service to people, and the world. I highly recommend connecting with him!" 

Callan Rush